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TECC 56: The Engineering Career Coach Podcast – My Five Biggest Career Challenges

In this session of The Engineering Career Coach (TECC) Podcast, I am going to share with you some of the career related challenges that I will be facing in the next few months which I hope may inspire you as you face your own challenges. “He focuses not just on the goal to be reached, but on everything happening around him. He often has to stop because his strength fails him. At such moments, love appears and says: you think you’re heading toward a special point, but the whole justification for … [Read More...]


5 Ways to Get Big Picture Thinking

How many times have you heard that you need to get the big picture? Or that you feel like you didn’t have the big picture? I’ve heard this phrase repeated too many times to count and each time I do the thought that runs through my mind is this: what exactly is the big picture and why don’t I have it? The fact is that the big picture depends on your point of view. I don’t believe anyone can truly have the big picture (serious emphasis on “big”) because it’s not possible to see the infinite … [Read More...]