What is the Biggest Challenge in Developing Your Engineering Career?

I have been asking this question to engineers all over the country while giving my Engineer Your Own Success seminar.  The reason being is because through my new Institute for Engineering Career Development, I am trying to help engineers overcome the biggest challenges in developing their engineering career.

Here are some of the answers I have already received:

  • How to make a move to a higher position
  • Big company versus smaller company (my last post might help you with this one)
  • How do I build my confidence
  • Taking the first step when trying to get involved
  • Knowing what path to take in order to manage a company
  • Starting out with no contacts or clients
  • Not being given proper guidance by supervisors
  • Balancing everything
  • Knowing how to go from a junior engineer to manager (this post might help)
  • Working on career development while keeping up with current workload
  • Explaining things to non-technical people
  • Dealing with clients who can be needy

These are some that I have found so far, but I would ask you to please share you challenge with us by filling in the box below.  It will be submitted to our team and your name will not be associated with it in any way.

I will be taking the answers and using them to find and develop webinars for our Institute for Engineering Career Development.

Thanks for your feedback!

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To your success,

Anthony Fasano, PE, LEED AP
The Engineering Career Coach
Author of Engineer Your Own Success