The Importance of Surrounding Yourself With Positive, Motivated People in Your Engineering Career

I am writing this post because I feel that many engineers and other professionals fail to realize the impact that the people around them have on the success of their engineering career and their life.  The people you work with and talk to on a regular basis play a huge role in your growth and development.

Early on in my engineering career, before I became an executive coach, I regularly dealt with very negative people at the company I worked for.  I was always a very positive person, but working with negative people on a regular basis, really brought my energy down.  When I would get excited about a new idea or project, they would say something like, “Just another project where the client is going to be a pain in the but and we are going to lose money.”  That wasn’t the mental approach that I wanted to take to start a new project, but them repeatedly saying it affected my mentality.

When I went to executive coaching school in 2009, everything changed.  For that one year, I was surrounded by the most positive, upbeat people that I had ever met.  The energy created by having those types of people around me changed my life for the better, both personally and professionally.  It was an amazing experience and through it not only have I made many great lifelong friends, but also my mentality has been changed forever.  What I mean by my mentality, is that now, I always make sure that I surround myself with positive, motivated people and professionals in everything that I do.  This move has been the impetus for me starting Powerful Purpose Associates as well as the Institute for Engineering Career Development.

I urge you to please take this approach in your engineering career.  It’s not always an easy thing to do, but it will impact your career, not just from a standpoint of how successful you become, but more importantly how enjoyable your career will be.  If you find yourself dealing with negative people at work, try to counteract that energy by joining a positive group outside of work.  A few examples might be a professional society or a Toastmasters International group. Toastmasters provides a very positive atmosphere and one through which you can improve your speaking skills and build your confidence.

Also, please consider checking out our Institute for Engineering Career Development, which in addition to monthly webinars and coaching calls, all members get access to a private social network, which has developed, into an amazingly positive atmosphere for younger engineers and recent graduates.  The network is filled with motivated engineers that are feeding off each other to grow and develop.  Please consider joining us.

I hope this post will make you aware of the importance of those that surround you in your engineering career development.  If you have had to deal with negative people in your engineering career, please share with our readers how you overcame them or feel free to ask advice on specific issues related it to this topic.

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To your success,

Anthony Fasano, PE, LEED AP
The Engineering Career Coach
Author of Engineer Your Own Success

  • sadiq gulma

    hi, i clicked on your article not because i wasnt surrounding myself with positive people, but because i like seeing people encourage others to succeed. on reading it, i also found out that i learnt a new stuff about the Institute. i hope to enquire more about the institute as i am also a mini inspirational speaker among my colleagues(lol). more grease to your elbow.

  • Anthony Fasano

    Thanks sadiq I am glad you are inspiring people – let me know if you would like more information on the Institute!