A Thank You to Engineers for Everything They Do

Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the US and I am 100% grateful for everyone and everything I have.

However, I want to take a minute to say thank you to all of those engineers out there who are shaping the world on a daily basis.  While I haven’t been a practicing engineer for a few years now, I am very familiar with the traditional engineering career path, which can be a challenging, but rewarding one.

Engineers often work long hours, face stressful deadlines, and even put themselves in dangerous situations to design and oversee projects that benefit many people and many communities.

This is a short post to say Thank You.  Without engineers working as hard as they do, our quality of life certainly wouldn’t be where it is today.

I am thankful to have made so many good friends in this industry and I look forward to building many more rewarding relationships.

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Thankfully Yours,

Anthony Fasano, PE, LEED AP
The Engineering Career Coach
Author of Engineer Your Own Success

  • Cameron

    Thank You for the daily boosts; they are a real up-lift at the days end. Thank You and have a nice

  • Anthony Fasano

    Thanks Cameron – I hope you enjoyed it!